Introducing Moon Rock Arrow

Your ticket to the first community owned super hero franchise.

Hero DAO has launched the first community owned super hero franchise, and our first physical comic book, Moon Girl, Issue #1, will be out in a few weeks. The Moon Rock token is a celebration of our new Heroes Universe. The token rewards users who have inspired both Hero DAO and other related projects. Moon Rock is similar to tickets won at an arcade for participating and will primarily be used to redeem awesome prizes, like issues of our comic books and more that be revealed in the coming weeks.

What to do next, after claiming?

After you claim your Moon Rock, or if you are looking for more info, consider joining our discord community, participating in a Town Hall (Wednesdays at 4:30 PM EST), and contributing to Hero DAO!

You can provide Moon Rock tokens to this swapr liquidity pool and earn additional rewards. If certain liquidity goals are hit as a community, additional rewards are unlocked through Carrot.

How is Moon Rock Distributed

33.3% - Airdrop to people we want to invite into our Hero ecosystem
66.7% - Directly into the DAO Treasury

The DAO Treasury does not go to any individual or team members. Some portions of it, decided through votes and executed without human intervention, will go towards liquidity incentives, extra rewards for artists, and rewards for our licensing partners plus people who buy goods from them.

The DAO Treasury will be further broken up into a long term Reserve, and rewards for contributors, although specific percentages / amounts are still being voted on.

Who is being rewarded Moon Rock?

  • Users who participated in the Greatest Larp
  • Members of the Meta Cartel
  • Meta Game seeds holders and LPs
  • Minters of the first PUNKS comic NFT
  • Hero DAO members, pre Moon Rock launch

In total, this amounts to about ~3000 addresses. If your address was included in multiple of these groups, then your total airdrop amount was mutlipled. Check here for a full list of addresses included.

Moon Rock prize redemption

The primary use of Moon Rock will be redeeming prizes from Hero DAO and participating in our quickly growing ecosystem. The first of many things to redeem your Moon Rock for will be a Moon Girl, Issue #1 comic. Comics will be redeemed for increasingly large amounts of Moon Rock over time.

More uses and apps coming soon

Hero DAO community has several upcoming plans for more ways to integrate Moon Rock into our activities. These are all works in progress:

  • Staking Moon Rock to be featured as a character in upcoming comic books.
  • Redemption of prizes from our swag store and physical products we are producing with Moon Rock.
  • Burning Moon Rock to get early access to content.
  • Rewards to artists and other contributors that do not dilute the DAO.
  • Staking Moon Rock on the completion of a particular comic or work.
  • Staking Moon Rock to be guaranteed as spot as an extra in movies and shorts.

Ready to meet the community?

Join us in Discord, and help us build a hero franchise together.